Thursday, 25 October 2012

Xmas Jewelry and Clothing SALE!

SO because of my penchant for shopping and partying, I have a wardrobe that's bursting at the seams with party-perfect dresses and other clobber and a very empty bank balance! PLUS a treasure-chest of jewelry that I can't possibly take with me on my upcoming move to Melbourne,

My remedy- another clear-out SALE! Now any of you readers who also enjoy a bargain can peruse my items and make me an offer- WIN WIN- I get dosh, you get a fabulous new addition to your wardrobe!

Simply comment the post, tweet me @staceybarnes276 or email me at to make me an offer or express your interest!

Happy Shopping!

All Saints Gainborough Dress- Size 10, worn once! Beautiful embellishment (who doesn't love sparkles), SOLD

Size 10 Zara dress- thick material, very flattering, would look adorable with a collared shirt layered underneath! £8

Size 10 ASOS puff-sleeve dress, concealed back zip, silky material,  dusky pink, also in blue (see below!)
£10 each for both for £15- SOLD!

Same as above, different sexy colour! Size 10

Silky pink floral dress, not really the season for it but it's too pretty to leave out! Only worn for this shoot! Would fit size 8 or 10, very short so not suitable for super tall people! £10
Hot Pink silky dress, NEVER WORN! Size 10, pretty bow tie at the back, SOLD

Galactic print jumpsuit from A Wear,  would fit 8-12,  elasticated waist with tie, worn once! SOLD
Forever 21 purple zip dress (watch your friends don't zip it off you on a night out!)  Size 10,  £8

Topshop frilly-sleeve blouse, cute buttons just under bust, very low neckline, would fit size 8 or 10, reminds me of fireworks! £5
Puff sleeve Dorothy Perkins top, would fit size 8, 10 or small -busted 12. £5

Also, fancy something SNUGGLY this cold coming winter?

GLORIOUS double-breasted vintage cardigan, nice and snug, bright and cheery! £5

Looking for something SPARKLY to reem-up a plain outfit?

Sequin floral blazer, feels kinda festive! £5

Vintage brooches with working pin fastenings, make me an offer!

Pea-pod necklace. Awesome

Letter-side of necklace

Postcard side- cute as a button

Chunky heart necklace from House of Fraser,  smooth on front and cut like a precious gem on the back :)

Big Apple necklace


Pretty in pink and pewter statement necklace with ribbon tie

Chunky marble-effect red and grey statement necklace

Charm bracelet with clock- two lovely things in one!

Travel Blog- USA's Wonderful West Coast

Following my incredible four months spent working at summer camp in upstate New York (partially as a fitness instructor, then as wedding staff!) I got the chance to explore some of the highlights of the USA's West Coast.
Loving life in Times Square

From the notoriously brash city lights of Manhattan and the spontaneity that always seems to ensue (we found ourselves in the pool of a rooftop gay club overlooking the meatpacking district!), my friend Kate and I boarded a flight to San Francisco.

I had heard that San Fran is a fabulous liberal mecca- a place homosexuals and hippies flocked to during the 1969 Summer of Love and 70's gay rights movements- a place of cultural diversity, homelessness and great shopping. The first three points I can attest to but sadly I couldn't do any shopping as I could not possibly fit another item into my case, even with my beloved snugpack!

San Fran almost didn't feel Californian- a term which conjures images of the sun-kissed beach babes I was later to see further down the Californian coast. The city felt more cosmopolitan and multi-faceted than I had imagined- I could feel the Spanish roots of the city in the Mission (where we were couchsurfing), it's fishing industry buzz at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, it's gay-friendliness in the Castro, it's financial and retail hub around Union Square and it's Asian flavours in Chinatown and Japantown.

We bought the great value City Pass which included unlimited rides on MUNI public transport (the cable cars are busy but good fun and better than hiking the steep streets by foot) plus entry to the small but mesmerising Aquarium, the SFMOMA where I got my art geek on, the fascinating Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts, the Californian Academy of Sciences where we sadly missed and a trip to haunting Alcatraz, all for $69.
Mesmerised in the Aquarium of the Bay

San Fran's Chinatown is awesome- we indulged in only-fairly-dodgy MSG-laden buffet and fortune cookies, sampled delicious green teas and bought cheap Chinese souvenirs en route to the Beat writers' hangout; the City Lights Bookstore and it's seedy but lovable surroundings. We enjoyed the view of Union Square from the Cheesecake Factory atop Macy's and reflected on the 'prison of prisons' on Alcatraz Island where we enjoyed an informative if slightly creepy audio tour. We rummaged through the stalls at the Treasure Island Flea Market, climbed the Filbert steps to Coit Tower to see the murals and soaked up the festival atmosphere of Dolores Park with friends and booze. Happy days :)

Inside Alcatraz

One of the highlights of our visit was hiring bicycles from Blazing Saddles and cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge. The ride was at times strenuous but very easy to navigate (follow the tourists!) and we thankfully got the $10 ferry back to Pier 39 after a couple of ice creams and a well-deserved rest in quaint Sausalito.

From San Fran we had a short but scenic flight over the Nevada desert to Las Vegas. Our time in Sin City was a little different to what we were used to as a friend hooked us up with a VIP experience we will never forget. From limousine airport transfers to daily room service treats in our beautiful suite, an amazing pavilion at an exclusive beach club and seafood platters, custom-made cocktails and delicious deserts at Rick Moonen's RM Seafood restaurant (who we met- he's lovely!) our time in Vegas was unreal.

We also enjoyed unique chef selections from the Bellagio's amazing Yellowtail restaurant, incredible seats for Cirque Du Soleil's magnificent show 'O' and table service or VIP at some of the Strip's best clubs including 1OAK, Pure, Hyde and The Bank.

When we weren't partying or relaxing on our poolside daybeds (such hard work!) we were soaking up the atmosphere of the Strip- riding New York New York's roller-coaster, one of the Venetian's gondolas and gambling on the addictive slot machines. We also spent a day exploring the Grand Canyon via a scenic flight and a multistop bus tour, which was breathtaking and totally unforgettable.

Sad to leave Vegas but in need of some R&R we flew to Los Angeles, where we did a pit-stop tour of all the touristy attractions like views of the Hollywood sign from the Planetarium Observatory, the Chinese Theatre's celebrity imprints and the Walk of Fame's stars, but I have to say LA did not capture my heart quite like other places we visited. Everything is either too busy and touristy, or too far apart and soul-less. I'd be willing to give it another go in the future but I have no burning need to return!

From LA we visited Santa Monica which was lovely- quite seaside-y and great to watch the fit acrobats at Muscle Beach! In LA we hired a car (NOT from Enterprise as we had booked- the 0800 number lady told us we could hire with international licenses and a debit card which is NOT the case, you need a credit card if you don't have a US license!) and drove down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at any beach that ticked our fancy. We made it down to San Diego nice and relaxed and had a wonderful few nights going to the beaches and Balboa Park, swing dancing and spending the last of our $$$.

All in all I had an amazing time on the West Coast- California has now become my favourite state and if I HAD to I could force myself to live by the beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast or the ever-changing City by the Bay in the future. Only if someone forced me to, that is ;)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Ultimate Bucket List

100 117 Things to Do Before I Kick The Bucket:

UPDATE: I've done 68 so far!
  1. Skydive
  2. Be in a Book Club
  3. Parasail, Paraglide or Para-something else
  4. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  5. Scuba Dive in the Ocean
  6. Be in a Boxing Match
  7. Swim with Dolphins
  8. Bungyjump
  9. Gamble in Vegas
  10. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  11. See the Pyramids
  12. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  13. Go to the Ballet
  14. Party at the Rio Carnival
  15. Go Snow Skiing
  16. Go to an Ice Bar
  17. Go to an Oxygen Bar
  18. Party at a Mardi Gras Parade
  19. Ride in a Helicopter
  20. Go to a Huge Festival
  21. Cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge
  22. Visit a Japanese Onsen
  23. Go on a Cruise
  24. Watch sunrise in a Beautiful Place
  25. Be Part of La Tomatina in Valencia
  26. Be Part of a Flash Mob
  27. Be an Extra
  28. Visit Niagara Falls
  29. Do a Cookery Course
  30. Make my Own Sushi
  31. Go on Safari
  32. Use a Pottery Wheel
  33. Feel an Earthquake
  34. Ride an Elephant
  35. Visit a Fortune Teller
  36. Sunbathe on a Nudist Beach
  37. Go Kayaking somewhere Beautiful
  38. Go Cave Tubing
  39. Meet under the Grand Central Station Clock
  40. Fly First Class (or Business!)
  41. Go Hunting
  42. Party until Sunrise
  43. Skinnydip
  44. Catch and Cook my own Fish
  45. CouchSurf
  46. Watch the Vegas Bellagio Fountains
  47. Run for Charity
  48. Start a Family
  49. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  50. Go to the Edinburgh Hogmanay
  51. Get a Tattoo
  52. Break a World Record
  53. See the Grand Canyon
  54. Milk a Cow
  55. Eat strange foods- snails, frogs legs, crickets...
  56. Go to the Opera
  57. Waltz with my Grandad
  58. Climb a (notable!) Mountain
  59. Visit Machu Pichu
  60. Blow Glass
  61. Go Wine Tasting
  62. See the Taj Mahal
  63. Cook a Roast Dinner from Scratch
  64. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  65. Do Yoga alone on the Beach
  66. Go to Hollywood
  67. Ride a Motorbike
  68. Hike a Glacier
  69. Send a Message in a Bottle
  70. Own a Herb Garden
  71. Play Digeridoo
  72. Participate in the Holi Festival
  73. Learn the Alphabet in Sign Language
  74. See a NY Broadway Show
  75. Cuddle a Koala
  76. Do an Army Assault Course
  77. Visit a Concentration Camp
  78. Surf a wave
  79. Bake a Creme Brulee
  80. Dance in the Rain
  81. Ride a Segway
  82. Watch a chick hatch
  83. See the Aurora Borealis
  84. Visit The Louvre
  85. Go Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  86. Host a Cocktail Evening
  87. Drink from a Beer Bong
  88. See Cirque Du Soleil
  89. Publish a Book
  90. Make an Igloo
  91. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  92. Ride a Camel
  93. Browse the Marrakesh Markets
  94. Visit the Colisseum in Rome
  95. Bake my own Bread
  96. Distill my own Alcohol
  97. Start my own Business
  98. Teach Children
  99. Be in a Protest
  100. Hitchhike
  101. Canter on a Horse
  102. Climb a Waterfall
  103. Try Wakeboarding or Waterskiing
  104. Give Blood
  105. Vote
  106. Become a Lifeguard and know CPR
  107. Fast, for more than a couple of hours
  108. Go Rock Climbing
  109. Make a Souffle
  110. Swim in the Rain
  111. Try trapeze
  112. Lounge in a Hot Spring
  113. Drink Absinthe in the Decadent way
  114. Fly a plane
  115. Go to see a Movie alone
  116. Shoot a gun
  117. Sell my own Artwork