Wednesday, 22 June 2011

American Summer Camp... It Begins

I'm writing this from across the big pond as I am currently working at a kids summer camp in New York! In my pre-camp excitement I made this post, but now I'm here I can tell you much better what it's like.

After almost 35 hours travelling with only 5 hours sleep (from setting off for Heathrow to arriving at Camp in the Adirondack mountains in New York state) I arrived at the glorious Point O'Pines private girls camp, having met some wonderful fellow counselors along the way.

Point O'Pines is gorgeous- set on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by Brant Lake, the bunks have great facilities, the camp boasts so many things you can do and the weather has been great (only one patch of sunburn so far! Oh, and 4 mosquito bites).

The food here is delicious- the salad bar is well stocked and the main meals are tasty (though not always healthy- my mac and cheese tasted like shortbread it was so buttery!) plus the deserts are to die for- especially the giant iced chocolate cookies! When the kids arrive on Saturday there will be even more treats- candy canteen twice a week, two 'snack' times per day and special days like ice cream day, Point O'Pizza and Point O'Pasta. Nom!

Most people here are from America, Australia or the UK though the tennis team is predominantly hilarious Mexicans and there are lots of Eastern European staff too, especially as 'Campower', who work very hard to keep the campers well fed and looked after! Everyone I've met has been so friendly, definately making some friends for life here!

I've been so busy it's unreal- fitness bootcamp at 7am, activities all day stopping only for food or 'rest hour' a.k.a nap time or writing in my sexy new journal time. Yesterday by lunch time I had worked out, swam fully clothed in the lake, been trussed up as a horse and galloped round a course, played a pantomine horse in a play, cheerleaded, hoola hooped, done a taste testing game, made up songs and helped build a boat for an egg. Standard morning at camp! Evening activities are fun here too, we've had one social with the brother camp so far but have more planned, and there will be more plays, movie trips, talent shows, competitions, dance shows, campfires, traditions, days out and 'surprise' nights than I could shake a spirit stick at.

I am loving my time here so far (and haven't even had the Walmart trip yet!), an though it was a little over whelming at first, I am having so much fun and am beginning to feel so at home that I am already thinking about returning next year! Stay tuned for more camp insights!