Sunday, 19 September 2010

Back to Brum!

I've returned to my beloved surrogate city to do a couple of weeks work experience, earn some money then start my dreaded final year!

My work experience has been with two different Birmingham-based companies; a web design and advertising agency, and a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR company. I am having a great time in the 'real world' trying out different possible career routes, so we shall see where I decide to start heading!

To counteract the chill in my big rather-empty-at-the-moment house (until I work out how to use the heating) I've decided new slipper boots are in order. My Mum found these cute ones from AVON so hopefully they will be in my possession soon! Until they arrive it's double layers all the way, even on my tootsies!

I've also just ordered this faux fur jacket from New Look to add to my winter wardrobe, which goes just perfectly with my great-in-all-weather Clark's buckle boots from last year.

All in all a good start to my Autumn pre-term preparations, and I am enjoying having time to chill out before the pressure of my final year really kicks in.

Now, where did I leave my hot water bottle...

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