Thursday, 16 December 2010

Been a busy bee...

So here's a couple of links to things I've been writing today for other blogs, enjoy!

Koreesa: Post on the celebrity favourite Aldo Coppola on Sloane Avenue in London being the first salon in the UK to use the Fusion Mesotherapy machine to give younger-looking, healthy skin...

Furore Style: Post on a pioneering way to combat male hair loss- Micro Hair Technique, which involves tattoing tiny micro hairs onto the scalp to give the appearance of an almost-shaved head- genius!

Today I've also been arranging pieces to write on two of their other clients for local papers, have been integrating all their social networking sites and providing general entertainment, so I'm very much looking forward to our Christmas night out  tonight :) I think I deserve the number of chocolates I've already eaten and the extent to which I'll be indulging further tonight at Cafe Rouge and the Mailbox!

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