Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A* for A|wear purchases!

These amaaazing boots are the latest thing to make my feet VERY happy...

 YES they are over-knee, YES they are studded and YES they are leather- and they were a bargain! £117 reduced to £25.50 = WIN!

My new bootsboots (sounds cuter) are channeling the biker vibe that I declare will sweep the nation this year- mark my words!

A|wear (that line is just annoying, but I wanted to get it right) are based in Ireland but these bad boys (and 5 other clothing items) were delivered within 4 working days, providing me with momentary joy in the midst of the horrific essay-writing period I've just endured!

Some of my other fave picks from the site include the taupe waterfall jacket (£50), delicious brown boots (£94) this fit hairband (£12), and shown right here....

To me A|wear seems good for girly girls who like pretty dresses, plain knits and simple tailoring, but it's also pretty fab for office-wear and, did I mention, boots?

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