Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Summer Camp in NY- Here I Come!

So this was quite a spontaneous decision, but I decided to get a train to London last weekend and attend the Camp America Recruitment Fair in Kensington (all by myself, in the rain) but I'm SO glad I went because I GOT PLACED!!!

Camp America liases with summer camps in the USA and helps them recruit their staff- from 'Camp Counselors' like me who look after the kids but often also have a special area of expertise they run classes in, to 'Campower' staff who have roles in the kitchens etc.

After queuing for an hour and a half, the doors opened and hundreds of hopefuls poured in. The atmosphere in the recruitment hall was one of panic- each camp had a list of what they were looking for on their desk and were crossing off the positions as they became filled. As you had to queue to speak to each camp director, it could be that the person JUST in front of you got the job you wanted- so everyone was feeling quite competitive!

After blagging my way into an interview to teach dance and gynmastics at one camp, I decided it didn't feel quite right and I should 'shop around', so I queued to speak to the director of another camp who was looking for dance teachers. However, on seeing how "enthusiastic and peppy" I was about the Dance Aerobics classes I currently teach, the camp director offered me a job as fitness instructor!

So I'm going to be teaching fitness classes like boxercise, step and skip, aqua aerobics and dancercise at Point O'Pines private girls camp in upstate New York- this place is phenomenal and I just CAN'T WAIT!

The camp is situated in the most beautiful area of NY state, but it's close to Boston, NYC and other cool cities, plus I can hop over the border to Canada and visit places like Monreal on my days off!

Plus, check out the fitness studio, I think I'll need these kind of facilities after the gourmet food they serve and the legendary ice-cream parties, pizza parties and cookie days!

I've been unable to concentrate on anything because of my MEGA excitement at going to camp, I've even decided I want to buy one of these POP sweatshirts...

I'll be working there June to October and I'll get time to travel during and 2 weeks afterwards too, so I'm so excited for summer now!!!

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