Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Weird and the Wonderful...

Just some things that have amused me while I've procrastinated this week...

Needs no explanation, 'tis fabulous

Been doing some proof reading work recently, things like this = annoying

Those of you familiar with Aestheticism and Wilde's 'Decay of Lying' will chortle...

This article on on awesome uses of Facebook's new photo layout...

Also worth a shout out is this post on the Student Fashion Blog about 'Dickheads'... (scroll to the bottom and watch the YouTube clip- hilarious when you realise you've been seeing them everywhere, especially in Birmingham hanging around COW, Urban Outfitters and the Rainbow...)


  1. Great blog.
    Keep it up!!

    The punctuation picture reminds me of reading texts from my kids! :D


  2. hehe good posts,k you might like or funnyjunk jsut a heads up.