Saturday, 26 March 2011

Reviews and Random Writings...

See just below for some things I've been writing and reviewing recently, and watch this space for a review I'll post next week in which I get to again try my hand at attempting to model- should be interesting to say the least!

Here is a link to a cheeky little article I wrote for the wonderful Student Fashion Blog, reviewing a personalised hoodie and two photo mugs kindly donated from T Shirt I had a lot of fun swanning around my house pulling poses for this, so watch this space for similar shenanigans in the future!

Also, here is a review article I wrote about facial primers for Redbrick Newspaper's newly renamed 'Life & Style' section...
Also, rate the new-look website, I think it's fabulous!

This was the overall winner- I'm still using my lil tester pot of it and it is just SO SOFT I'M GONNA DIE! (Despicable Me how you've changed my life!)

Clarins Primer, £23.50 for 15ml

Ciao for now!

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