Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Introducing: My Crafternoons! Craft Workshops in Hamilton, Victoria

I'm excited to announce the reason for my relative silence recently: I've been busy setting up a new website and small business/hobby: My Crafternoons!

Since moving out to rural Victoria to be with my sheep farmer beau, I've had to have a bit of a life re-organisation, not to mention learn some new skills (who knew the ability to light fires and muster sheep would become so essential!)

To make more friends, make some money and also do something fun and positive in the local community, I've come up with the idea of running monthly craft workshops in my local town: Hamilton.

In order to shout about this... picture me yelling from the mountains; "HOLLA! IT'S CRAFT TIME!"... in a less weird, more efficient way, I built a website using

I'd recommend using the templates on sites like this but add your own flair through fonts, images, backgrounds and layouts. In order to change the website address from to, you have to upgrade the site, the most basic domain-hosting only package starting at around $5 a month. If you're going to be selling something through the website, you need an eCommerce package, which is around $17/month.

I'll be using my site more like a blog and info portal for anyone keen to come to the workshops, which will be held one Sunday arvo per month (for the time being).

As for venue, there are a few places in Hamilton I've been considering. Do I choose the cool Roxburgh cafe with upstairs function hire rooms, the new HIRL art shop opening in a few weeks time, or the practical but non-trendy Community House? Perhaps I could rotate it until I find the cosy crafty home of future workshops, or until one day I can afford my own crafty tea house, complete with all my favourite British confectionary from back home- ah to dream!

Tunnock's Teacakes would feature heavily in my dream British Tea Shop!

My Crafternoons will be keeping me busy over the coming months; finishing the website, planning workshops, ordering supplies, costing materials, building Facebook and Pinterest followings- oh and actually practicing making the things I'd like to make!

This is all alongside my two other jobs- teaching dance classes and soon doing some freelance work for an online language learning tool (more on that later).

Wish me luck!

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  1. Great news Stacey , Hope it goes well as i know you take pride in any thing you under take all the Best fron the UK.