Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Crafternoons Workshops Hamilton

I'm delighted to recap my first Crafternoon Workshop held in Hamilton, Victoria, which was a wooly wonderful success!

You may have read my previous post on my new hobby/business venture: My Crafternoons.

My Crafternoons will hopefully grow into a neat little website filled with creative inspiration and pics from my real-life workshops, which will beheld monthly in my local town; Hamilton.

The town is notorious for it's loveable geriatric population, but in a bid to find younger cohorts I've decided to entice young creative ladies to find me, instead of me trying to find them- hence My Crafternoons, and also the aerobics class I teach!

I've been enjoying buying supplies and taking photos of inspiration whilst on my travels (some of which can be found HERE on mycrafternoonsvic Pinterest boards and HERE on the Facebook page), but haven't actually done much making recently- I've been too busy!

Heart-shaped pom poms- must try!

I wanted to make a heart-shaped pom pom garland like the one above to decorate the room but ended up making a regular spherical pom pom garland at the workshop instead, which you can see alongside my pom pom bouquet below!

I was very happy with how the workshop went; there was chatter, chai lattes, tunes, biscuits, strawberries, grapes, polkadot tablecloths and every colour imaginable, and everyone left with huge smiles and beautiful pom pom bouquets. There were no burns from the hot glue gun either- win!

You can read more about the workshop HERE at, and the next one is set for Sunday September 28th.

This time it will be held in the newly opened HIRL Gallery and we will be making painted paper collages- email to book!

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